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Ultra Stereo Devices

Input, Output & Automation Interface Boards for Ultra Stereo (USL) Processors.

JS Series Processor


Transformer Isolator Board. Connects to the 6 channel external input of JS processors. It reduces ground loop hum caused by long run cables or less than ideal projection booth grounding.


Audio Output Board. Converts the screw terminal outputs of a JS-series processor to a THX-pin compatible output connector.

JSD-80 Processor


Transformer Isolator Board for JSD-80 Processor (This board also works with CP500, CP650, DTS XD10P)

JSD-100 Processor


Input DB25 adapter board that provides "ECI-60" input pin configuration for direct cable connection from modern D/A converters.

DAX-602 D/A Converter


Screw terminal break out board for the DIN output connector on the DAX-602 Digital to Analog converter.

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