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A big part of our business is custom design and manufacturing. Whether it is a special cable you need or a complete processing product, we can deliver. Design, prototyping, circuit board layout and enclosure design, manufacturing (small and large quantities), software, stocking. shipping, documentation and applications support are included as part of our services. Please contact us for your design needs.

  • Serial-to-GPIO Converters
  • Automation Circuits
  • Circuit Board Adapters
  • Custom Audio Switchers
  • Custom Analog Cables
  • Custom Digital Audio Cables
Here are just a few of the custom products we have produced in the past:

A custom AES board that converts unbalanced BNC inputs to balanced AES output, for DMA8 and other modern D to A converters.


House Lights Meter is a panel with an analog voltage meter that monitors house lights voltage levels. This product was built for a specific theatre chain.


A custom AES board to interface the Dolby CP650 to the Dolby Lakes crossover. It was developed for screening room applications.


A custom device made for a large international theatre chain to convert the General Purpose out-puts of multiple Sony media players to serial commands for a custom multi plex light dimmer system.

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